Privacy Policy

TeslaTip does not sell your data.
TeslaTip does not share your data with any third party beyond what is required to provide the services listed below.


We use GoDaddy to host our website servers, including our domain name, database, and more.
We use Mailjet to securely send emails autogenerated by our system, including software update notifications, login security codes, and more.
We use Tesla to provide vehicle information with your authentication token, including battery range estimates, vehicle status, and more.
We use Google to enrich location data, including converting GPS coordinates into readable city names, displaying maps with historic drive routes, and more. Disable GPS in account settings to turn off these features.
If you choose to sign in using a linked account, we associate your account id and email with your TeslaTip account.
We use Twitter to announce fleet software updates, which include the vehicle software version and country.
Review our Terms to learn more.